Two Hours
Surf Coaching
Next Level Surf Coaching tailors all its programs to the individual surfer and their current skill level. Our 2 hour surf coaching & analysis sessions are aimed at targeting specific surfing techniques & cues needed to keep your surfing progressing to the next level.
Perfect for the novice, intermediate to elite level professional.
What's Included
  • 1x surf coaching session [1/1.5 hour water time]
  • Maximum of 2:1 surfer to coach ratio
  • 1x 30mins split-screen video analysis session
  • In-water personalised tuition (on request)
  • Equipment analysis
  • Copies of photos and/or video footage from session
Optional Extras
  • Personalised Photographer/Videographer
  • Airport transfers; Ballina/Byron, Gold Coast, Brisbane airports
  • Meal catering, nutritional programming
  • Movement, yoga and strength programming
  • Chiropractor; Osteopathy; Myo-fasciae and DNS specialists
Two Hour Schedule
  • Block 1 – Surf Evaluation – 30 mins
  • Block 2 – Technique Rectification – 30 mins
  • Block 3 – Technique Implementation – 30 mins
  • Block 4 – Video Analysis/ Session Breakdown – 30 mins 

More than your typical ‘learn to surf’ school, Next Level Surf Coaching offers high performance surf coaching to the everyday surfer.

All our coaching programs are private & customized to the individual, athlete or group with a 1:4 ratio (1 coach to 4 surfers).

Our daily focus is to search for the safest and best waves for the surfers skill level while enhancing their knowledge on technique, equipment, health & fitness.

Due to the variability of daily surf, conditions & skill levels we like to keep each day pretty flexible this way we can totally tailor it to suit the surfers needs to incorporate as much or as little of one aspect of the training as the surfer wishes.





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