Women Only
Surf Coaching

Our women only 6 week surf coaching sessions aim to provide you with the repetitions, confidence and knowledge necessary to take your surfing to the next level all while offering the encouragement and comfortability that comes from surfing within a group environment.

Designed for the novice to intermediate level adult female surfer.

What's Included
  • x6 surf coaching session
  • One session a week for 6 weeks [condition dependent]
  • A fun, comfortable and supportive environment
  • 1 – 3ft size waves
  • Equipment evaluation & advice
  • Test equipment on request
  • Max. 6 surfers per squad
  • Coach Now profile for on going communication with  coach
Skill Focus
  • Water Safety & ocean awareness
  • In-water peak positioning and wave selection
  • Wave negotiating and board control
  • Understanding surf etiquette and reading the line up
  • Wave entry & standing action
  • Trimming forehand and backhand
  • Surfing with speed and flow
  • Introduction to basic surf manoeuvres eg. Bottom turn, top turn & cut backs
Session Breakdown
  • Block 1 – Venue analysis/ evaluation – 15 mins
  • Block 2 – Goal Setting – 5 mins
  • Block 3 – Technique Rectification – 35 mins
  • Block 4 – Technique Implementation – 35 mins
  • Session complete – 1.5 hours

Next Level Surf Coaching is high performance surf coaching for the everyday surfer

All our coaching programs are private & customized to the individual, athlete or group with a 1:4 ratio (1 coach to 4 surfers).

Our daily focus is to search for the safest and best waves for the surfers skill level while enhancing their knowledge on technique, equipment, health & fitness.

Due to the variability of daily surf, conditions & skill levels we like to keep each day pretty flexible this way we can totally tailor it to suit the surfers needs to incorporate as much or as little of one aspect of the training as the surfer wishes.





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